Vadim Soloviev & PROFF – It’s A Funky Record

Vadim Soloviev & PROFF - It's A Funky Record

For the very first time “It’s A Funky Record” has seen the light of day as a part of the label’s key compilation “Intricate Sessions Volume One”. Those CDs were mixed by the same guys, Vladimir PROFF and Vadim Soloviev, prominent Russian producers and label co-founders. “It’s A Funky Record” might be without a doubt called the essence of that compilation. One of two remixes was produced by the young and impressively promising musician, Matt Fax. The second remix was made by the Ukrainian producer Konstantin Astafiev who is better known on the scene under the alias V I F. The single is already available via Grab your copy!

Intricate Sessions 01 mixed by PROFF and Vadim Soloviev Out Now!

Intricate Sessions 01So long awaited Intricate Sessions 01 mixed by PROFF and Vadim Soloviev is finally out now! Compilation seamlessly unites the art of mixing and exceptional musical taste of the authors plus unique audio content – many exclusive productions were intentionally written and submitted for this project and have never been published before. While listening to both parts of the debut compilation, you will get an idea of the entire current sound spectrum of Intricate Records including works by the label’s founders as well as residents and prominent names like Boom Jinx, Answer42, Sezer Uysal, Suspect 44, Cramp, Michael Cassette and Matt Fax. Compilation is already available at Beatport and iTunes. CD release is ahead in July!

Vadim Soloviev’s Intricate Sessions Sampler is out!

Vadim Soloviev - Whiskey Soup

Intricate Records is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the label’s exclusive compilation series. The initial one is released for May 2013. The honourable duty to snip the red ribbon is offered to the label’s residents and co-founders, PROFF and Vadim Soloviev. The appearance of the compilation is preceded by two samplers. The content of second sampler was selected by Vadim Soloviev. It includes three tracks which will also be featured on the full-length compilation: “Wickham” by Matt Fax, “Whiskey Soup” by Vadim himself and “Space Plus Love” Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke feat. Fisher in a special Intricate Mix. The sampler is out now and available at Beatport!

Vadim Soloviev – Tempo

Vadim Soloviev - TempoNew single “Tempo” by Vadim Soloviev is out at Intricate Records! The inner filling of the “Tempo” track could be described as a simple and understandable melody surrounded by a score of cosmic and funky sounds. This creation is remarkable because of its gradual, progressive type, classical breakdown structure, impressive culmination point and flagging echo in the final part. The label’s co-owner Sergey Tkachev presents his own vision of “Tempo” in a form of remix while the Israeli duo Flippers made the original mix even more dance floor friendly and turned it into club mix. “Tempo” is already available at Beatport.

Vadim Soloviev Feat. Marcie – Stay With Me

Vadim Soloviev Feat. Marcie - Stay With MeThe time has come to breathe new life into Vadim’s old-time hit. The reworked single includes a deep 2013 version by Vadim himself plus a remix by Moussa Clarke and John Ashby and the classical remake by Genix. 2013 edition of “Stay With Me” offers a fascinating melody, deep basses, juicy synths and the very attractive voice of Marcie. All three versions correspond with the spirit of modern times, that is why this updated single has all the chances to reach the same level of success like the initial one in 2008. The single is out now at Intricate Records and available at the Beatport